April 13,2014 · 0 Comments

April 2014 Update

8 new videos to enjoy this month. Check out some new upcoming series, like "Dinner for Vampire" and "Madame Was Once a Slut!". Also, the highly anticipated animation of "Fela Pure" is live!

March 21,2014 · 0 Comments

March 2014 Update

7 new videos out today, includeing new series such as "Futa Club!" and "Imako System". Two videos are feature length, so be sure to take a look at "Swing out Sisters" and another adition to our 3D videos, "Vampire VS Kung-Fu Girl"

February 28,2014 · 4 Comments

February 28th 2014 update

Ending the month with 9 new videos, including a new episode of Tayu Tayu and the finale of Kuroinu! And let us know what you think about our first 3D video; Twin Succubus.

February 1,2014 · 1 Comments

February 1st 2014 update

13 new videos to start off the month. Check out some new futanari with "Restricted Hospital Ward" and some more harem goodness with "Tony Heroine"

January 17,2014 · 2 Comments

January 17th 2014 Update

12 new videos are up today, including some new yuri with "Innocent Lovers" and more vanilla with "Sweet Home"

January 2,2014 · 3 Comments

Happy New Year 2014!

Ringing in 2014 with 15 brand new videos! Check out "Zecchou Rocket" and "Saimin Ryoujoku Gakuen"

December 20,2013 · 1 Comments

Holiday Greetings from H-Moe

10 new videos are up to help celebrate the holiday season. Special mentions go to "Princess Knight Catue" and "Hospital Ward in Chains"

December 6,2013 · 2 Comments

December 7th 2013 update

12 new videos for the start of winter this year. Check out the finale of "Hidden Dovey", the ending of "Kuroinu", and the start of the long-awaited "Tayu Tayu" based on the classic h-manga by Yamatogawa!

November 27,2013 · 1 Comments

Thanksgiving 2013 update

H-Moe gives you something to be thankful for this year with 11 new episodes, including the third episode of "Eroge! H-Game Development w/ 3 Sisters" and "Love Bitch".

November 9,2013 · 1 Comments

November 9th 2013 update

16 brand new videos release today, with some new netorare and mind-control plots such as "Triangle Blue" and "Immoral"

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